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Cap-Haitien Haiti - Fet Drapo 2024

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The Fet Drapo Experience you didn’t know you wanted but you absolutely need!

The eclectic feeling you get as you wave the flag every 18th of May just got a boost.  Imagine being in Haiti celebrating Haitian flag day! Now imagine “YOU” being immersed in all the activities including the infamous parade!  Yes! You will not be watching the festivities from your phone screen or from the sidelines.  2024 will be a Haitian flag day you will never forget.  Watch it come alive with music, cultural events, cuisine that makes you salivate for more and some of the best nights you will never forget.

  • Overview

    Cap-Haitien, Haiti, known as the capital of the Department of Nord. Previously named as Cap-Français, Cap-Henri, and Le Cap was founded in 1711. An integral part of the city during colonial times because of its significance as part of the French Colony of Saint-Domingue. Now affectionately referred to as Okap has birthed into a fusion of history, beach, vibes and arguably the most visited touristic city in Haiti as of late.

    Haiti is a natural beauty with its white sandy beaches, wide range of mountains that seems to be endless. Natural markets, amazing iron and wooden art that will leave you breathless.
    Haiti, rich in flavours, people, and music. Explore this hidden gem with us by visiting the world-famous Citadel La Ferrier, a fort built by King Henry Christophe to defeat the French and end slavery once and for all for the 1st time ever in the western hemisphere in 1804. Take a tour of Labadee & Ile la Rat, beaches that will make you never want to leave.

    Fet Drapo in Okap 2024, an experience you can’t miss.

Day 1

Arrive in beautiful Aux-Cap Haiti (CAP), where you will be greeted by our dedicated transportation service. You will be escorted to our host hotel to check-in and relax for the rest of the day.

No better time like the present to get the weekend started with a welcome dinner. The group will congregate at a location to be announced for dinner, network and meet new travel buddies.

Day 2

After a delicious breakfast provided by our host hotel, the group will head to the historic and breathtaking Milot for a tour of Palace Sans Souci as well as the magnificent Citadel Laferrière. The largest Fort in the Americas

You will be given the option to ride a horse or donkey to the fort (Included in your package) or test your fitness skills by hiking to the top.

Upon arrival at the top of the fort, you will be greeted with amazing views and a dedicated English speaking tour guide to indulge in the history of this amazing accomplishment by the Haitian freedom fighters.

Upon completion of your tour, we will have lunch at a local restaurant to experience delicious Haitian cuisine.

There will be vendors at the tour site, so bring your spending money. After the tour, we will head back to the beautiful host hotel to relax and enjoy the infinity pool.

In the evening we will kick things off with a welcome party alongside one of our collaborators, Sak ap fet Okap. This epic night also referred to as Creole night will be the opening ceremony giving you a glimpse of what’s to come. We gather with travelers from around the globe, sponsors, and partners to enjoy an evening dedicated to everything Creole. Get ready for some Fritay, some Twoubadour, some Roots music, and an overall Creole experience. Don’t forget your dancing shoes.

Day 3

Let’s continue the fet drapo experience shall we. Let’s enjoy yet another delicious breakfast at our host hotel then chill by the infinity pool for most of the morning.

In the early afternoon, we will take you back to memory lane with traditional Haitian games as well as more modern ones. All while listening to some of your old-time favorite music, and snacks. Enjoy a day reviving your favorite Haitian games and learning new ones.

In the evening we will experience Boullion night where Boullion night was created. This event is particularly special because it honors the countless women who have left their mark in Haitian history. Not only will you be tasting one of Haiti’s staple dishes, boullion, you will also get the pleasure of listening to some amazing female artist honoring those who paved the way before them.

Day 4

Bet you’ve never experienced Haitian flag day quite like this before!

Enjoy a delicious breakfast at the host hotel, relax and get ready to enjoy a new kind of fet Drapo. Enjoy the early part of the morning because soon you will be getting into gear to experience the infamous fet Drapo in Okap.

After the parade we will return to the hotel to rest before heading back out for the Rabòday, Afro night and roots music.

The Rabòday, Afro night and roots is an event guaranteed to take us back to our roots, back to Haitian folklore, with a special connection to momma Africa. Of course we will throw some music of today in the mix.

Day 5

Enjoy breakfast at the host hotel, rest then let’s head to the beach for some “Okap flavors”

A day filled with all the flavors of Okap. Taste local products of all kind. From local cuisine with dozens of traditional Haitian recipes to discover. A gastronomic and craft affair. Make sure to bring some funds because the local artist will be in abundance!

Support local businesses by purchasing their goods. Make a direct impact on the economy by spending on good for Haitians by Haitians.

What’s a trip to Haiti without blessing your ears with some Konpa! The evening will consist of some of the best Konpa music from the old to the new. Okap is a unique place that has married the amazing sounds of Konpa in all its existence. Listen to some of the treasures your parents adored while indulging in may of your favorites. And you never know who you may see.

Day 6

Enjoy breakfast at the host hotel and say farewell to yet another amazing getaway in the beautiful Island of Cap-Haitien, Haiti.

Bon voyage and see you on the next adventure.

  • Inclusions

    Day 1-4: Ground transportation
    Day 2: Breakfast & Lunch
    Day 4: Costume, refreshments during the parade

  • Exclusions

    Day 1: Food, drinks, and anything not explicitly listed
    Day 2: Dinner, drinks, event tickets, bottle service, and anything not explicitly listed
    Day 3: Drinks, food, and anything not explicitly listed
    Day 4: Gratuity, additional bottle service outside of the package, additional food outside of the package, event tickets, bottle service at evening event and anything not explicitly listed

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